Kaspersky Lab detected various kinds of Viruses working with adult sites as bait

Poses threat to both mobile and desktop users...

With the dawn of the world wide web, pornography content has promptly shifted from typical CD and DVD assortments to the internet sites and phone applications making them easily accessible to a larger number of viewers, at preferable cost and sometimes for free as well. Due to this change, porn sites are becoming content-sharing mediums, building devoted groups ready to distribute their video clips with other folks in the groups with an intention to get more popularity. While such sites promote these contents to make profits via adverts, on the web it not simply act as a way to increase earnings, but will also serve as an instrument for malicious activity.


According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, this is not a newly found threat as researchers have already identified it from the starting period of adult internet sites and crooks making use of porn as a entice to spread malware and their fraudulent plans. While monitoring untraceable part of the World Wide Web(Dark Web) among various items sold there researchers found stolen premium account credentials to various popular porn sites offered for sale at low rates. The malware threat won’t stop on just stealing account credentials,  Based on the crucial findings of Kaspersky Lab, It poses a major threat to both desktop and mobile users.

In case of desktop users, profound threats are porn phishing and malware. Hackers make use of porn in phishing methods to supply pseudo ‘scareware’ plans, and in some cases to persuade individuals to download malware on their PCs. Porn sites are used as an instrument to distribute malware to the people. This malware is utilized to gather various types of private information, such as account credentials for porn sites and Trojans were used for stealing bank credentials. When it comes to mobile users various methods are used like Clicker/WAP-subscription, Bank ransomware, Rooting malware etc..  To avoid malware attacks only use trusted sites, use reliable and official sources like Play store to download applications and install an effective internet security software in your system. You must stick to these recommendations to protect yourself from these threats. You can read in detail about these threats from the below-provided source link.

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