Recent Patent Submission from Samsung Shows a Design with Sliding Dual Touchscreen Displays

Patent is found on United States Patent and Trademark Office website...

We’ve already observed the patent application from Samsung on foldable and double-sided handset models. It seems like Samsung continues to put much effort to keep ahead of their rivals in the smartphone market. Subsequently, Samsung is keep submitting patents for those most desirable and variety of models. Although we are still to find a Samsung foldable handset, latest reports reveal that Korean tech giant has submitted a patent for a handset with a sliding screen.

The most recent foldable device we observed from Samsung is the W2018 flip handset that was released specifically for China late in 2017. However, the new patented device is different from those normal slider models we’ve seen on Nokia and Motorola slider series as this Samsung design is lacking physical keyboard under the primary display. From viewing the images attached along with the patent record, we can assume that the Samsung is planning on a device that probably would showcase a supplementary screen with an extra screen slides over the top of primary display.

We can’t assert the reason why Samsung did consider this kind of a model which doesn’t look too tempting. Although, it is also feasible that the tech giant is attempting to put together a touchscreen device in which users can are able to expand the screen in an effort to get a bigger display screen and never have to reverse the handset into landscape mode. However, this is merely a patent, we can expect Samsung will turn this concept into a profit-making handset in the near future.

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