New Live Hinge Patent application from Microsoft likely made for The Surface Phone

Patent application along with sketches found on USPTO website...

A new patent submission from Microsoft has been discovered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, with sketches and diagrams of what we ought to presume the most awaited Surface Phone. Microsoft submitted the patent for a handset that incorporates a “live hinge” which offers a model with dual displays with the potential to effortlessly open the device into a flat tablet-like device. By folding the display all the way around back users can turn the device into solitary display mode. From accessible images from the patent, we can see a gray portion at the center of the live hinge which joins the two display screens. Both display screens are numbered 160 and 170 while the live hinge helps the handset to feature an unobstructed level of flexibility.


Now this hinge secures the link of both display screens in a way that the joint can pass undetected. However, when the device is folded, the display screen appears like a pocketbook which can probably yet act as a single device. On the patent application, Microsoft represents the handset just as a “multi-part device”. Moreover, the hinge will provide three diverse user modes. Out of these 3 modes first one will provide a complete 360 degrees of turn. The second mode will allow the users to open the display screen in 180 degrees with 2 displays combined to form a large single screen. The third mode will allow users to close the handset without any display screens to visible. The patent submission furthermore clearly denote the measurement restrictions of present single-screen handsets which indicate that this is definitely what we will likely observe from the speculated Surface Phone.

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