Forthcoming Chrome upgrade will mark all HTTP websites ‘not secure’

The new Chrome 68 is planned to be launched in July....

Chrome has introduced certain options to notify people while they’re on an unencrypted HTTP webpage such as setting up notifications to a large number of websites during the last few years. Recently, Google stated that they are going to make it one step further by listing all HTTP websites as “not secure” beginning with the launch of Chrome 68. To get a clear idea about this function you should check the below picture. The search engine giant asserts that there have been loads of improvement in terms of making developers to convert their websites to the safer HTTPS.


Image courtesy: Google/Chromium Blog


Today, over 68 % of Chrome viewers on Windows and Android is defended whereas over 78 % is shielded on Chrome as well as Mac OS. Furthermore, 81 of the leading 100 websites make use of HTTPS at this time. To retain stuff heading in that manner, Google’s open-source Lighthouse tool now got an inspection aspect which allows developers to observe which websites have been set with HTTP and which of them can be revamped to HTTPS. “Chrome’s brand new user interface will assist people to recognize that all HTTP websites are not secure, and also constantly take the web in the direction of a safe and sound HTTPS pre-defined websites,” Google mentioned in a press release. This new Chrome version 68 is planned to be launched in July.

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