Facebook is now Beta testing Downvote Option, But will function in a different way

This new feature is still under testing and available only for selected US users...

Among the most profoundly demanded Facebook aspects of all time have been a dislike option and it appears like Facebook is ultimately working on this kind of an aspect, however, it may not actually function as people are anticipating. Previously, Facebook asserted that they will keep far away from a dislike option since it will bring excessive negativism. As an alternative, they decided to include different reactions to ensure that folks could more effectively communicate with other people’s contents and posts and to show their feelings. On the other hand, Facebook is currently experimenting a downvote option which may operate like those downvotes options on Reddit as well as other social networking sites. Only several users in the US are able to see this brand new characteristic and is still under the development stage in the meantime.


Even though a dislike option permits people to show their criticism of different contents on the Facebook, the original downvote option which is currently under developing stage won’t function this way. To begin with, it is not intended for all contents, since it is made for comments on stories from community pages. Downvoting a particular comment is not going to be as unpleasant as disliking it or even disliking the whole publish, in addition to it it also helps to conceal rude, bad, and abusive comments. For example, On numerous social networking sites, the downvoted comments are downgraded and also concealed, whereas upvoted comments show up front line and highlighted. A Facebook spokesperson responded that they are merely experimenting this downvote aspect to ensure that users can give a response in relation to comments on different contents from community pages.

Simply because this feature is merely a test offered just for some chosen people in the US, it is also plausible that this attribute might not actually reach Facebook or made accessible for all people around the world. Anyway, this shows the very first time that Facebook continues to experiment this sort of a function similar to a dislike option, also it may help bury irritating or unpleasant comments to the bottom side of the post. At the moment, Like, Love, Sad, Haha, Angry, and Wow are the formal options available in Facebook to respond to a content or comment.

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