The Big Technology Brands that Are Watching You in Your Privacy

Big companies are developing systems that can efficiently extract information.....

The top of the list globalization phenomenon that has taken the world by storm is the explosive nature of technology, and it is growing fast everywhere and engulfing every part that our gentle life can offer. The very products that are in your living room working hard to search and inform you, entertain you and connect you to your family friends and loved ones are the ones that are spying and leaking information about you or your family indiscreetly with or without your consent, knowledge or know how.

The problem is that the evolution of the phenomenon of information explosion at an exponential rate has lead to generated exceeding numbers of what the scientist call the big data is getting exceedingly out of hands. The giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other well-known names are investing billions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tame this fast and vastly growing beast of information that reaches monolithic proportions.

The aforementioned big companies are developing systems that can efficiently extract useful information chunks from the “big data” collected from products around our living rooms, in our hands and underneath our eyes and utilize it to feed us back in the form of commercials and advertisement. Other purposes that may be not clear as of this writing but can become burning issues in times to come as brute perpetrations of privacy rights violations of people like you and me or God knows what.

Before we go any further and point out the very short and selected list of these products, I like to divert your attention to a minimal and nifty product that is made for spying. It is known as TheOneSpy. It is a product that allows you to deliberately spy on other known and unknown people. The one big difference in TheOneSpy (TOS) and other similar products is that the makers of this app openly inform you about its functionality then after you get acquainted with this app you can quickly decide how to use it in the way your deem ethical. The use of this app is analogous to the use of a firearm. You can use it to protect yourself, or you may use it to take a life of someone innocent, the use of it is entirely up to you.

The issue with the products mentioned later here is that the brands and products that will acquire information from your privacy do not give you the option or right to choose not even on the default basis of their use. TheOneSpy app was initially developed for monitoring children and kids and keeping them protected by putting them under surveillance via their mobile phone devices and computers. Since then the app has grown and found other applications like monitor and supervision of office employees under the policy disclosure agreements of the employers. The makers of TheOneSpy have claimed to observe exceptional improvement in the productivity of employees that struggled with their jobs in fierce competition environments in the past. However, this top spy app does have other controversial applications on spying on someone’s privacy, but these forms of uses are by choice and usually discredited by its makers as explained in the example of a firearm procession.



The top of our listed brands that are spying you is perhaps the most widely used product on the face of this globe. The information gained by the search engine monolith is compromised in a variety of different ways. Any form of information that your search on this search engine in the form of text, video, pictures or sound is tracked and can be traced back to you. Even your location can be compromised if you use Google on the move. It is hard to imagine and believe that the information that you search on Google is not compromised for advertisement and marketing purposes.



The social app Snapchat is giving a tough time to Facebook. It makes sharing images and other kinds of multimedia, a breeze but have you ever noticed where that information is heading? That is not it, one feature of the SnapChat enable this piece of software to obtain your actual locality and street address with pinpoint accuracy once you share relevant information with someone you know.


Pokémon Go

The mobile gaming app that took the world by storm because the way it used your mobile device camera entertaining you but do you know that besides taking hold of your camera, the app also gains access to your location and the images stored in your mobile device. The worse scenario is that the company that makes the gaming app reserves the right to use the information in any way to share with the third party or the government. When you log in your Google account on Apple iPhone/iPad with the iOS operating system all your information regarding your Gmail account, Google Drive and Google maps etc. is automatically shared with the makers of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is not the only culprit in this act that completely disrespects privacy and the legislation the major toy companies are busy collecting data and analyzing it that is generated by kids when they browse the internet.



PlayStation is a very powerful and widely popular gaming console. The audio recognition technology has been incorporated into this gaming console in its fourth version, but it can do more than listen to voice commands with its ability to interpret sounds. It can listen to background sounds and voices without the headgear that comes with it. The use of this ability that PlayStation has is a bit ambiguous, what has been known that it can gather and generate information based on the user inputs in the form of preferences.


Vizio TV

Vizio is a smart television manufacturer with an internet connection feature. It is a product that is a privacy violation nightmare for the consumers as it came fitted with a groundbreaking technology called “TV insights.”

The darkest side of this technology fitted within the wiring of this television is that it can track the eye movement along with capturing your distractions from the screen along with emotional expressions that you make while viewing the display of this product. The device allegedly does not give you space even if you have been distracted by the movements of your partner in your living room that resulted in any form of intimacy, it will send this information over the internet.

The Makers of this brand had been convicted at least once with a charge of twenty-two million dollar fine for invading the privacy of millions of users. The data was illegally captured without the discretion of its customers and the worst seen is that the company had already sold millions of pieces of these television sets at the time the company was caught and convicted.

As we are progressing by leaps and bounds with technologies that are benefiting us in our hands and homes, transportation and work areas, there are machines capable of artificial intelligence and artificial intellect. Making them capable of ruining our lives by hitting sensitive issues that matter in the form of privacy invasion with irreparable consequences in its general form. The companies that are good with information assimilating huge sums of profits from our wallets not by selling products, but also by selling our usage information by allowing us free use of products like Google and Facebook, seems to have no respect for consumer privacy issues.

The matter of the fact is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, this concern may be different in the case of technologies like “TheOneSpy” app that openly mentions of its functionality and describes the cons and pros of its usage that may be an added security for families that care about the appropriate safety for themselves.

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