Leaked Images of Purported OnePlus 6 with 8.1 Oreo Exhibits a Display Notch

A couple of real looking pictures revealing what’s reported to be a prototype of the OnePlus 6 emerged on the internet earlier this day, These images initially spotted on Chinese microblogging website Weibo. The images observed on Weibo exhibit a handset with an extended 18:9 display screen and apparently lesser bezels, in addition to a rather tiny display notch bestowing a front-facing camera as well as a loudspeaker. The rear side of the device provides a polished gray surface that seems to include a chestnut-like glint, however that may be just a side effect of less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The core imaging system of the suspected OnePlus 6 is a dual-camera build entailing two vertically positioned sensors located near the top of its backside plate and along with what looks like a dual-LED ( dual-tone ) flash unit situated directly below the lenses. A fingerprint scanner is also integrated with the device and although it’s still fixed on the rear side of the handset as was the scenario with the OnePlus 5T, its design isn’t circular and rather looks like a design of typical Home button available on the OnePlus 5.


The camera sensors are also positioned horizontally and rest above the firm’s logo. The recently leaked pictures demonstrate an insight of what could possibly be the Alert slider, a hallmark of all of the handset maker’s devices, however, the key seems to be changed sides and is observed on the right side of the prototype. One of the pictures shows the “About phone” portion of the Device settings app that indicates the device operates on OxygenOS 5.1.0 built around Android 8.1 Oreo. The recent version of the company’s Android achievement released in early February as the build 5.0.3, having transitioned appropriate OnePlus models to Android 8.0 Oreo. The OnePlus 6 continues to be the topic of various speculations in recent weeks and although it’s still not clear how the forthcoming Android flagship will look like, the Chinese OEM will probably stay with the bezel-less decoration and 18:9 screen layout launched with the OnePlus 5T later in 2017. The OnePlus 6 is anticipated to be launched this spring (possibly in May 2018).

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