Official Video clip Teasers Exhibit Backside Cameras of Huawei P20 Lined up Horizontally

Earlier this day, the Huawei P20 Lite was spotted on TENAA, together with its features and pictures. They have now been accompanied by formal video teasers that expose a major detail regarding the Huawei P20 (Pro). The initial teaser was unveiled yesterday which exhibits the shaded figure of one of the P20 handsets which we believe probably the Huawei P20 Pro. The significant detail in the video shows is the layout of the triple cameras. Each and every leak we have observed up until this occasion demonstrated the triple cameras is positioned vertically. But, in this video clip exhibits the cameras which are installed horizontally.




There are basically two factors that aim towards it. At first, the title of the subsequent video clip asserts “We’ve gone the extra distance so you can take the shortcut. All the lenses you need, in one .”. The final phrase is exactly what we ought to pay attention to. All the lenses you require, in one. After that the first few seconds of the next video clip displays merely two cameras with one getting noticeably bigger than the other one. Our assumption is that the second backside camera of the Huawei P20 incorporates 2 unique kinds of lenses in a single. Most likely a telephoto lens along with a wide-angle lens. Although the camera casing is definitely larger than regular ones, it probably because it also resides the LED flash and laser focus segment as well. You must keep in mind that It is merely a hypothesis which may end up being inaccurate. We’ll keep you posted on the further updates.