Google’s Android security head stated that Android is secure as their rival is

This statement was made on Google's yearly security report.....

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David Kleidermacher has been Google’s security head since last May and is responsible for maintaining Android, Playstore, as well as the Chrome OS, secure and protected. On today’s discharge of Google’s yearly security statement, Kleidermacher states that Android platform is equally safe as its competitor. Although Android’s top cop is reluctant to give details on this sensitive statement for the media, it was noticeable that he was speaking about iOS. Based on the recently released record, “Android security has achieved a major leap ahead in 2017 along with several of our protections currently lead the industry.” At this age of unconventional details and bogus news, you probably will not feel that you can rely on something asserted straight away from the top authorities. Foreseeing this, Google indicates that actually third-party data exposes the strides done by Google in the field of security.


However, turning ones Android handset safe will need the user to make use of some logical thinking. For instance, Google states that Android handsets that download and install applications merely from the Google Play Store are 9 times unlikely to mount a Conceivably Dangerous Application ( PHA ) compared to a handset that sideloads applications. Furthermore, Android-operated handsets which have Google Play services implemented are shielded by Google Play Protect, that is a scanning process utilized to locate PHAs on the handset itself, in data as well as embossed inside applications. Using this system, one can also spot a missing Android handset, get protection from “deceptive sites,” and also get the most of “systems that identify and take out PHAs .”Recently, Google reveals that everyday scanning from Google Play Protect helped to eliminate 39 million PHAs from around 1 million handsets. Google also shows that the yearly likelihood of installing a PHA from Google Play was reduced by 50% from 2016’s 0.04% to last year’s 0.02%. This indicates that there is only small chance for Android users to install a PHA from Google Play store.

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