Poster Released, Xiaomi To Introduce A Fresh Featherweight Headphone on March 23

Poster was shared officially by Xiaomi on Weibo...

Xiaomi has formally announced on their Weibo that they are going to release a fresh headphone at 10 AM UTC+8 on March 23 that is merely a couple of days away. The Weibo picture indicating the planned unveiling event was displayed on Xiaomi headphone’s Weibo account. The picture shows the feathery design of a musical note which undoubtedly shows that it is a headphone. However, crucial specs and features of the forthcoming Xiaomi headphone was not disclosed yet. The Weibo post points that the device will arrive with a fresh layout and it will be simple and comfy.


The picture includes the feathery sketching of a musical note which definitely implies that the headphone will be very light when it comes to its weight. We also anticipate a powerful headset launch from the Chinese company with a strong sound production. Xiaomi at present holds a large number of headphone starting from the Piston Pro as well as an in-ear headset to Bluetooth headphones. Even so, in case we are to pass by the latest device to obtain a price reduction, we can presume that the headset will be a fresh Bluetooth Sports Headphone. The value of Xiaomi’s Sports Bluetooth headset was lately decreased and currently available for 129 Yuan. This will make sense since it links with the picture which teases the headphone to be light and comfy. We have to wait around until the device is released before we acquire the complete features.

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