OnePlus 6 will come with a display notch for a larger screen space

OnePlus is currently perfecting their next smartphone model OnePlus 6 and it is not completely set, however, the OEM has considerable time for its development, design, and testing. Based on the reports rather than just 18:9 display, it is going to have a 19:9 screen also it will be driven by a Snapdragon 845 processor. The handset is now believed to have hit Geekbench with great scores and that it may include a notch. You probably will not be a fan of the notch model but there is a reason for its existence. The additional room on the left, as well as right side of the notch, are used to display more icons, notifications, and alerts. There are also people out there claiming that any handset that will come forth with a notched screen will definitely be an iPhone X copycat. Anyway, to be reasonable, the Essential Phone was the very first handset to release with a notch.


Original equipment manufacturers got various reasons for making use of this design and its application won’t be endless. Apple probably will get rid of the notch layout in their next model. The next generation Essential Handset may no longer possess it. Huawei did include the notch merely as part of change before heading full bezel-less display. In terms of the OnePlus 6, the device will use it for additional screen space. If the notch is smaller, there will be more screen space available to display more stuff. OnePlus notch will not be similar to the others smartphone notches. It is not big as the iPhone X’s but is larger than Essential’s. The precise measurement is 19.616mm x 7.687mm based on OnePlus Global Director and co-founder Carl Pei. Contrary to the other handsets, OnePlus 6 will continue to include a headphone jack.


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