ThePhoneCoat – Second Skin, Shield your phone from shocks and scratches with this invisible skin

Screen protectors and phone cases are essential accessories for a smartphone to safeguard it from external damages. Still, some people are sick of using a case or a screen protector on their handset as it may ruin the original look and shape of the phone. Now an ingenious full body protector named “ThePhoneCoat” is planning to go for mass production to bestow your phone the ultimate protection and it seems to be the ideal choice if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to ruin the unique design of the phone and wish to protect it from shocks and scratches at the same time.


The above-mentioned merchandise is a slim .2mm translucent skin designed to protect the entire handset. Two Different skins are provided for protecting the front and rear sides of the phone. Once it applied to a handset it is hard to identify the presence of skin on the phone. Moreover, the skin also incorporated with nanotechnology helps ThePhoneCoat to be self-healing means the marks and scratches made on skin fade away when blowing it with a hairdryer.

ThePhoneCoat is indestructible and shields your phone from shocks and scratches. Also, it will improve the grip of the handset and it will more comfortable to hold in hands. When compared to other protective guards mounting the protective skin to a phone is also simple to perform. This protective skin is also made available for tablets as well. If you want to check if your handset is compatible with this second skin, go to and select the field that says “Find Your Device.” We’ve also added a link to product’s Kickstarter page at the source where you can see several other videos displaying the features of the second skin. To get this ThePhoneCoat – Second skin for front and back sides of your handset You must pledge $43 USD before April 26th. The merchandise will begin delivery this summer.

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