Motorola Unveils a Fresh Moto Stereo Speaker Mod

Image courtesy: Motorola

Motorola has released a fresh Mod for their Moto Z line-up named the Moto Stereo Speaker, also like the name indicates, this is going to be the hottest accessory for the Moto gadgets collection which strives to enhance one’s sound experience. The device offers cheaper selling price when compared to the other two available devices produced in partnership with JBL, and much like the JBL Soundboost line-up, the newest Moto Stereo Speaker Mod features its own kickstand as well as snaps onto the rear side of appropriate Motorola handsets without requiring any cordless pairing or extra cables.On the other hand, contrary to the JBL Soundboost series, the Moto Stereo Speaker Mod doesn’t have any power supply on its own and rather depends on a linked smartphone’s battery power.


Image: Motorola


A benefit to this method is that people won’t need to bother about their Mod’s battery life condition and won’t be needed to charge-up the device frequently, meanwhile, the scarcity of a separate battery-cell will certainly cause a reduced battery duration for the linked handset. In terms of features, the Moto Stereo Speaker Mod carries a couple of audio drivers both with a size of 28mm, also as stated by the company, the drivers can provide 80 decibels at a distance of 50cm. The device measures 153x73x15mm in dimensions, weights 102 grams, and is accessible in 3 different color choices – black, blue, and red. The circular kickstand of device ought to be useful for preventing muffling the audio while the handset is positioned face-up on a surface, also Mod can also be utilized like a hands-free speaker handset for calls. The Moto Stereo Speaker Mod is now available in the market for the price tag of $59.99. On the other hand, the JBL Soundboost and Soundboost 2 are normally valued at $79.99.

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