New Teaser Image of OnePlus 6 along with OnePlus 5T

OnePlus is renowned for flashing the aspects of their upcoming top-end smartphone before introducing it officially. Latest rumors had said that the OnePlus 5T is unavailable for immediate sale in various marketplaces such as North America and India which signifies that the launch of OnePlus 6 is nearby. A fresh teaser produced by the firm displays the OnePlus 6 placed under its earlier model – the OnePlus 5T. As it is put under the OP5T, the latest teaser merely shows the highlights of the left side of the handset. From the teaser, you can see the left side of the handset carries a longer SIM card holder along with a volume rocker. What’s lacking in the left edge of the handset is the Alert Slider. Earlier reports had stated that the firm has relocated the Alert Slider button from left to the right side of the handset. OnePlus most likely discharged this fresh teaser to indicate that they’ve shifted the Alert Slider to the right edge. One among the earlier teasers from the firm also stated that the Alert Slider on the OnePlus 6 can also be applied to set the focus when capturing photos.



OnePlus 5T bears U-shaped antenna strips which can be found on the sides of the top as well as the base of the back side panel. Still, the antenna bands of the OnePlus 6 appears to be restricted to the metallic structure and probably will not be visible on the rear panel. This simply means that OnePlus 6 possibly will feature with a glass backside. We are also not sure that the OP6 with glass backside will include aid for wireless charging. In the picture, the OnePlus 6 seems to be a little extended. Yet, the precise measurements of the handset are still unavailable. It looks like the proportion variances between OP6 and OP5T is going to be marginal. It is rumored that the OnePlus 6 is going to be formally released in China on May 5. Since OnePlus continues to be introducing their handsets first in the foreign market before unveiling it in China, it is speculated that the OnePlus 6 will get introduced towards the end of this April. The firm is predicted to generate more teasers on their flagship smartphone until then.

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