Samsung again with a new patent, This time a Multi-Folding Tablet With Physical Keyboard

We already know that Samsung has submitted a multi-fold tablet design patent that was accredited in September 2016. Now the South Korea giant is back with a new patent for a multi-foldable tablet. Similar to the previous patented model, this latest design also includes a keyboard set on its rear side of one of the folding panels, enabling people to make use of the device more like a conventional laptop in portrait form. Once the device is entirely folded, its screen portion is guarded by its edges which to some extent minimizes the requirement of a screen guard, at the same time the rear side of the foldable section of the display that does not have a keyboard will show notifications straight away making use of an unspecified functioning. The patent documents outline cellular features, and particularly says Samsung, envisaged a device that would enable people to make calls, without any other issues.


The patent is a further affirmation that Samsung has been busy designing concepts for foldable devices for a long time now, although the firm has yet to commercialize this sort of device. The frequently discussed Galaxy X may possibly be released to the market in the upcoming year, with lately Samsung‘s representatives officially verified that the firm is focusing on a foldable handset for the very first time ever. Although the Tech mammoth has been anticipated to be the initial OEM to produce such a handset, Huawei is allegedly attempting to surpass it and is focusing on a foldable device launch in this November. According to current reports, The first generation of this type of handsets will probably be similar to ZTE’s Axon M, yet with an extra enhanced movable joint or mechanism.

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