OnePlus 6 Official Camera Samples Shared by the Company CEO

The OnePlus 6 flagship has already been showcased on various renders recently which includes the price leak that was spotted on Amazon Germany lately. Now in front of the May 17 release of the OnePlus 6 at London, the company had furthermore provided several teasers which displays the capabilities that OP6 would feature. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has revealed a few sample images took with OnePlus 6, which he clearly mentioned were captured with the forthcoming handset’s camera. These photographs could be considered as the initial formal samples from OnePlus. Although the CEO had discussed several pictures alleged to be samples shot from OnePlus 6, it wasn’t directly stated to be the OnePlus 6’s photographs. But in this scenario, the CEO has clearly defined it.


These photographs are proof of the abilities of the OnePlus6 to shot remarkable images with vibrant quality. The photographs captured in the daytime and not to mention the shots took during the night time display a terrific focus on details, exceptional clarity along with a close deprivation of photographic noise. There were reports that the handset is going to offer an excellent camera comprising of a 20MP + 16MP sensor blend much like that was available on the OnePlus 5T from 2017. Even so, the camera is predicted to highlight certainly improved capabilities, unlike OnePlus 5T. Latest advert indicated the existence of Artificial Intelligence abilities on the OnePlus 6 camera. We have to wait and see how that is going to conclude, however, the device will carry typical camera features like scene detection, face recognition etc.

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