Purported Xiaomi Mi 8’s 3D Facial Recognition Module Emerges in New Renders

Xiaomi’s speculated 3D facial recognition module has shown up in a fresh leak. It’s been rumored for quite a while now that the affordable manufacturer is likely to be the first Android maker to bring in a pertinent substitute to Apple’s Face Identification system with the release of the Mi 7 smartphone. At this point, with merely several days remain until the announcing, a fresh leak bestows a better look at the internals of the innovative security aspect. Considering smartphone’s display notch, it seems like Xiaomi has loaded it entirely with various hardware components.

Beginning from the left edge, that looks like a big infrared cam is found that ought to aid enhance face detection in a low-light environment. Which is also combined with a typical selfie shooter that is not likely involved when compared to the Apple safety aspect. Going forward, In the middle of the notch, a tiny grill is present that is bestowed upon the earpiece whereas, beside this, a comparatively huge rectangular module exist with a tiny hole on top. Which is probably the residing place for the microphone.


When it comes to the last two hardware components which are included on the right edge, the square module strongly looks similar to Apple’s dot projector, hinting that it is Xiaomi’s substitute, whereas it’s uncertain what the reason for the final element is. In fact, the sensor seems very big to be a proximity sensor but also not large enough to be a supplementary selfie shooter. With the handset’s unveiling presently scheduled for May 23. Xiaomi formally exposes the elements of their fresh facial recognition component merely a few days before the event. However, contrary to Apple, Xiaomi is not going to compel their clients to use the fresh technology. Rather, the Xiaomi Mi 7 is likewise anticipated to deliver a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, hence providing users the assortment of using the security system they wish to have.

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