Bullets, wireless earbuds from OnePlus Unveiled, Featrues fast-charging and Magnetic Control

OnePlus has introduced their wireless earbuds alongside the latest flagship Oneplus 6, the OnePlus Bullets. These Bullets earbuds are going to be a handy accessory for users exercise routine as it is repellent to sweat, water and is magnetic resistant. Design wise light aluminum shells will give it an ideal weight and a perfect fit in ears. Putting the earbuds together will turn it off and users can simply turn it on by just separating them. With this snapping feature, users can also attend phone calls, resume playback etc. The earbuds also provide the essential smarts similar to numerous others, and the OnePlus Bullets will also feature the Google Assistant support.


Another significant feature comes along with these new Bullets earbuds is fast Dash recharging. This function will allow users to recharge the earbuds and recharging the earbuds for just 10 minutes provides users with 5 hours of playback time, which really is an impressive aspect for cordless earbuds. With regards to audio quality, OnePlus claims that Bullets aid AptX and also carry an oddly named feature, Energy Tube that allegedly directs to reduce distortion to offer stable and best sound quality. Bullets earbuds are also well-suited for the firm’s earlier flagships models such as the OnePlus 5 and 5T. The earbuds will be offered for sale on June 5 with a price tag of USD69/EUR69/GBP69.


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