WhatsApp update with fresh group chat features will roll out today

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Today WhatsApp published an article on their blog regarding the fresh aspects meant for Whatsapp group chats. Among these features include an option to set a detailed description on the topic of a group, that will describe the group’s rules, guidelines, requirements etc. and will stay visible to new members of the group on top of the display. A brief blurb situated below group info will let you set the group description. Another function coming with this new update is an “@” key which is located at the bottom right position of a group chat which will be helpful for those users who got busy and happens to be away from a group chat. Tapping on this “@” sign will let members check all messages which speak about them from their previous drop at the group, and also respond to an earlier message which they delivered.


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In case you wanted to know about those members who are involved in a group chat on WhatsApp, it is now possible to know the details by searching for group members on the group information section. Moreover, there also include a few modifications focused on group chat administrators. Now the admin got new powers, In group configurations, administrators can confine who can change the group’s name, picture, and detailed description. Also, admin can now be able to take out administrator authority pertaining to other participants in the group. With the new WhatsApp modifications, a user will never be removed from a group that was created by the person. Finally, WhatsApp claims that now admin/users will not able to frequently add/rejoin groups which they have left. A new update including all these features will be released today on both Android and iOS WhatsApp.

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