Leaked Image of Purported Nokia 3 (2018) Exposes Its New Design

On May 29, HMD Global is going to organize an unveiling event in Russia where the Finnish company is anticipated to launch their fresh series of handsets. Reports claim that the firm will probably launch the 2018 models of the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 2 smartphones. Now a leaked picture of the backside shell of the suspected Nokia 3 (2018) handset has emerged on the web. It discloses that the handset is going to show up with an upgraded backside layout when matched against the earlier Nokia 3 model. The leaked picture reveals that the inexplicable Nokia handset boasts a tough plastic backside panel similar to those fine worn-out Lumia handsets. The backside case of the previous Nokia 5 was a little more rounded as well as curved straight into the sides while the Nokia 3 featured a rectangular rear shell. Therefore, it seems like the back side panel viewed in the fresh leaked impression could fall under the purported 2018 model of the Nokia 3 handset.


The modifications which can be viewed on the rear shell of the suspected Nokia 3 (2018) is the introduction of a lengthy camera unit which can be observed on the latest Nokia handsets. Right under the camera unit, we can see circle shaped cutout which may be the space for the fingerprint reader. The previous Nokia 3 did not include a fingerprint scanner. The existence of a backside-mounted fingerprint scanner on the reported Nokia 3 (2018) implies that it would be coming with a tall screen to body ratio holding screen.

Other than the brand name, the backside shell of the purported Nokia 3 (2018) includes Android One signage on the way to the underside. Which means that the device will end up being a part of the Google’s Android One program. Hardly any details are accessible on the features of the forthcoming Nokia 2 (2018), Nokia 3(2018) and Nokia 5(2018) smartphones. The Finnish company has lately released the Nokia X6 handset with notched display layout. The firm is likewise rumored to launch the reported Nokia X7 as well as Nokia X5 which are prone to show up with the identical notched screen like we saw in the Nokia X6.

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