Do you know about the quality control behind OnePlus 6, Watch it below…

OnePlus has previously permitted several media persons and broadcasters to see their manufacturing unit in an effort to present the world how they are assembled. Usually, whenever journalists are allowed for manufacturing plant trips by most companies, they are certain on not letting any picture taking or video recording inside the unit. But, on this occasion, OnePlus invites Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips to visit their manufacturing unit which was developing their lately released OnePlus 6 smartphone. Linus with his 8K Red Weapon camera captured his trip in elaborate detail. While he was recording the video, OnePlus was in the Production Validation Test stage of manufacturing. However, he managed to picture perfectly capture the various production stages of the OP6. You can watch the video at end of this article. Before that let’s go through various stages OP6 has passed while manufacturing.


Stern Check Manually

Throughout the manufacturing of the OnePlus 6, the handset is scrutinized by workers at different phases. They look for any kind of external errors on the surface casing, the screen, and the buttons. They even examine the design for any glue seepage. In case any specific defects are spotted the piece is either discarded or, such as the scenario of a glue spill, the entire handset is supposedly get separated and put together again.


Perfection with Machines

OnePlus claims that the positioning of different parts needs to be precise to make sure structural and functional strength. For instance, the firm makes use of a machine to furnish the adhesive which is used to bond the screen setup with the casing. Machines are effective at this type of recurring and accurate actions, therefore using it is a far better choice. The firm even utilizes machines to set and position the rear plate and putting weight on it to bond the back in position. Manually, it will be more challenging to make certain that everything is done properly.


Quality Assessment Process

After undergoing various tests and inspections at each phase and finally, the handset gets fully furnished, it passes through a last visual examination and cleans up. The software package is filled in it and then, every completed device undergoes an intensive quality assessment procedure which includes 16 steps which are known as Quality Assessment phase.


Environment Test

In Environment Test the handset will be stored in various chambers with different temperature and the device will go through a raindrop check in which the handset is exposed to simulated rain for a 100 hour. When the handset withstands all these trials, then it goes onto the following stage.


Drop and Tumble Trials

OnePlus 6 then undergoes several drop tests, twice on its front and rear face from multiple heights onto a smooth slab of marble. The sanction score for this trial is a max of 10% display damage. Then the device will put into a Tumbler machine, which works similar the dryer machine, but rather than rotating horizontally, this tool rotates vertically at low speed to re-create real-world drop situations and after 150 drops, the handset should not convey more than 10% display damage.


Endurance Check

The final stage in this whole procedure is the Endurance Test, At this point, they use machines to check the strength of the charging slot along with the headphone jack by connecting and disconnecting cables, re-creates the pressure your handset suffers whenever you try to sit with the handset in your back pocket, and small drop tests from a height of 10cm for a total of 28,000 drops on its back, front, and edges.

You can watch the whole video captured by  Linus below:


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