Smart IP Cam from Xiaomi, Xiaofang Unveiled with Dual Cameras

Xiaomi has introduced a fresh smart IP camera named Xiaofang under their crowdfunding program. The device will reach the market as a follower to its earlier models that firm had already released. Looking at the aspects, Xiaofang smart IP cam features a cube-shaped build and design wise looks more similar to the Dafang Smart IP camera. Of course, the device got an eye-catching rectangular shape, still, when compared to Dafang Smart IP which got merely a single camera, while the Xiaofang Smart IP includes two sensors at the front and rear sides. The Xiaofang sensors also feature f2.0 aperture and provide a 210 degrees field of view. The two sensors are unbiased sensors which help users to record multiple clips simultaneously and another interesting feature is the panoramic cams proficient at reaching 360 degrees video recording.


Xiaofang looks more different from Dafang when you look at the foundation. In Xiaofang the bottom part isn’t the undersized spinning circular base like we see on the Dafang camera rather it got a couple of anti-slip pad fixed parallel to one another at the base. Additionally, there is a screw spot for attaching it to the upper wall or on a tripod. The Xiaofang cam with a dimension of 36mmx36mmx101mm also supports microSD which is located at the base. For recharging the device company has also provided a micro USB port at the bottom side of the device.

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