Sony Xperia designers have a discussion about camera , display and slim bezels

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Sony has lately posted an in-depth conversation with the designers of their Xperia handsets and it bears certain intriguing information regarding the handset design. The creative designers are worried about not merely the “evolution” of handset design, but also with its transformation. They realize that handset design is becoming antiquated as they are trying to retain the Xperia handsets fresh. The Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium is the handset which resides on top of the line. It presented HDR video capturing to fit the 4K HDR features of its display. Surprisingly, the initial XZ Premium equally got a camera unit efficient at HDR video recording, yet the processor couldn’t cope with it. Along with leveling out enhancement with new technology, the Sony crew splits characteristics into two categories, “quality” and “fun & creative”. The 4K HDR video comes under the quality niche whereas functions such as 960 fps slow-mo as well as the 3D creator are “fun”.


The firm is now considering dual camera models, however, until recently, it stressed on single camera unit which fixates on a massive sensor (1/2 .3”) together with boosting the BIONZ image processor. The XZ2 Premium is the initial Xperia with the Motion Eye Dual camera, which offers two 1/2.3” sensors (one with color and other in Black and White). Also, it bears an improved max ISO of 51,200 for capturing fast-moving objects in the dim light conditions. Heading back to displays, the preference between the normal 16:9 aspect ratio and the fresh taller screen to body ratio relies on the dimensions of the display as well as the main use for the handset. Sony perceives 18:9 displays will turn out handsets with more effective communication tools whereas 16:9 is ideal for multimedia.

Regarding the various other prevailing design such as bezel-less handsets, Sony is cautious since they wish to offer a handset with decent ergonomics. Moreover, turning the bezels extremely narrow is going to tamper with the camera, speakers as well as other hardware components. Still, Sony is planning on Xperia devices with slimmer bezels.

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