Can we expect an Android powered smartphone from Microsoft in 2018, Find out here..

Although the Redmond company has postponed the expected release of Surface Handset to 2019, does not suggest that the firm will not offer a fresh device to market in 2018. As outlined by a lately released report, a Microsoft Store representative while in a chat mentioned that the U.S based firm is developing on a fresh handset on the Android platform. Of course, you may call it a fake/unreliable news and proceed, but it actually this report makes good sense, we’ll tell you why.

Microsoft Surface Pro (Core-i5 7th Gen/8GB/256GB/Windows 10 Pro/Integrated Graphics), Silver

While the company was at its thriving stages, they have earned considerably more profit from the sales of Android handsets as a result of its immense intellectual property holdings connected with the system. Moreover, the firm offers a variety of applications which are compatible with iOS as well as Android owners equally, and nearly all these apps provided in paid versions. Therefore a Microsoft labeled Android handset simply cannot be disregarded right away.



On the other hand, even though it is feasible that the agent actually did realize something, they are usually the last to be informed on new merchandise. Also, representatives who work inside a service provider-branded retail outlet are often so devoted to making commissions from the appliance accessible in the outlet by that time, that they actually will not consider the fresh devices as well as wearables in the service provider’s sequence. Although we say it is a sensible report, we do not have any other hints or information regarding this upcoming handset, except the remark of one Microsoft Outlet agent. Therefore, we would recommend our readers to view this report with a little skepticism.


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