Samsung is preparing to incorporate the Galaxy S series with the Note family

Based on a report from Korean website, The Bell, Lee Jae-yong, Vice Chairman Samsung is planning to consolidate the popular Galaxy S flagship series with the Galaxy Note line-up. There also exists some logical reasons to support this report. To begin with, the Chinese manufacturers are using an immense portion of Samsung’s market share in the low-end as well as mid-range section whereas users seeking flagship devices are not happy with the ever-rising price tags. Moreover, in 2017, a major section of the community strives to have a Galaxy Note 8 rather than paying off for the Galaxy S8+.

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We will witness the ditto phenomenon in 2018 with the Galaxy Note 9 and the S9 Plus, whenever the earlier model happens to be as closely nestled to its sibling as its forerunner. Allegedly, Samsung noticed this and has fixed a target of merely 12 million sales for the Note9 and a slight betterment over the 11 million sales of Galaxy Note 8. Most importantly, this report appears to be consistent with the previous reports of Samsung unveiling, not two but three Galaxy S10 models along with the S10 Plus featuring a larger screen.



Therefore if Samsung settles to follow that option, we can presume the Galaxy S10+ to feature the best iconic Note element, the Stylus Pen, WHich indicates that people seeking the typical Galaxy S10 flagship sensation will go for the normal S10, those people who wish to spend less money can opt for the budget S10 as well as Note users can get the massive S10 Plus. This choice is going to lead to substantial fund gains on enhancement, designing as well as production. Streamlining their flagship series will also produce space for the forthcoming flexible screen Galaxy X, that will be deployed in the top expensive segment.


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