BlackBerry’s Upcoming smartphone, KEY2 LE leaked Images and Features

Traditional BB lovers were delighted to observe TCL introducing a continuation to their classic BlackBerry Keyone which ended up to be an elegant and worthy handset. Even so, the setback was the price. The KEY2 is not loaded with flagship hardware, though it requires a premium price and will cost you $100 exceeding its earlier model’s price. Now an affordable variant is about to get launched soon, though, looking to provide better value for your money.

Based on the leaked image, the KEY2 LE is going to feature a fractionally adjusted keyboard set which is near to the first Keyone whilst keeping several of the fresh functionalities such as the shortcut key as well as the fingerprint scanner incorporated into the spacebar. However, the trackpad function is not going to be offered on the budget device We’ve recognized that TCL is planning a low-cost version of the KEY2 referred to as KEY2 LE. We’ve been aware of this for some time still until now the details about the internals have been hard to find.



Of course, the KEY2 LE is not going to equip top-notch internals in order to hold the price low. Some reports from reliable source also stated that the handset is going to powered by Snapdragon 636 processor combined with 4GB of RAM as well as 32 and 64GB of inbuilt memory. The screen is yet again 4.5″ along with a resolution of 1080 x 1620, an identical display that we observed in the KEY2. This rules out the previous news regarding maintaining the same Snapdragon 660 System On Chip. The cameras on the rear are likewise will be a downgrade from the normal model – 13MP primary shooter combined with 5MP, most likely for detail sensing. The same thing applies to the battery as it is been lowered from 3,500 mAh all the way down to 3,000 mAh.


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