New leaked Info regarding Samsung’s forthcoming Android Go handset

Samsung is anticipated to leap on the Android Go version, as the Galaxy J2 Core will be the initial handset manufactured by the Tech Giant which is going to make an effort to popularize Google’s entry-level smartphone OS. We’ve already come across some earlier reports about this handset, however now we managed to gather some additional official details on the Galaxy J2 Core. In case you’re apprehensive to figure out what Samsung has got at hand for us, following is a short outline of precisely what the device ought to feature.



We have previously learned that Galaxy J2 Core is going to be loaded with an Exynos 7570 quad-core chipset along with 1GB RAM, however, we’ve realized that it will likewise offer dual-SIM aid. To be precise, Samsung Galaxy J2 Core will come with hybrid dual-SIM hold, which allows users to utilize one of the slots to maximize internal memory. Moreover, the rear panel is detachable like we can observe in the newly leaked device’s manual. So as to put the SIM cards inside the phone, users will need to remove the battery, like we used to do in some of our old smartphones. Additionally, we can see a micro-USB slot is integrated, which is not revelation due to the fact that we’re referring a budget-friendly handset.

Albeit it is an Android Go handset, several of the images found in the manual also reveals some of the Samsung apps such as Galaxy App, Smart Switch which are pre-loaded on the Galaxy J2 Core. At the moment we neither got any reliable info regarding the launch date of Samsung’s first Android Go handset or its price. Still, it is predicted that  Samsung will exhibit their Android Go smartphone at IFA 2018.


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