Beta version of Blade Runner 2049 is now available in Google Play Store

For over a year Next Games, developers of Blade Runner 2049, has been attempting to take the game to compact screens in the form of a cell phone game. The programmers have already initiated testing the game, however, because of its restriction in several regions, some people could not access it. But now it looks like the scenario is changing, People who hold an Android handset together with Google Play Store accessibility are able to download the game. Moreover, we’re obtaining further information about the game from its narrative in the Play Store.



In the game, users can assemble all their preferred figures from the Blade Runner universe and harness their powers to tackle all sort of threats. To face more targets with significantly higher risks users can power up their squad and thereby collect bigger rewards. In the role of a blade runner users can explore acquainted places from the movies and make it through the sordid lanes of the cleverly stylized neo-noir Los Angeles.

Blade Runner 2049 will additionally offer a multiplayer mode, which will enable players to join together to achieve assorted missions. Category wise the Blade Runner 2049 will fall under the category of RPG where gamers can tap into powerful unique skills to gain the upper hand.  The present beta version helps us to understand the concept of the game, still, lamentably, we don’t have any info regarding the complete release of this game.


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