Smart Displays from Facebook will probably get unveiled next week

We’ve been hearing reports mentioning Facebook formulating a set of smart displays with 15-inch touchscreens since February. More reports with further specifics of these two products have started to emerge by April. Based on those reports one of the devices will be named “Fiona” with a 13-inch screen, also the second one with a 15-inch display will be called “Aloha”. However, the launch of the so-called models was postponed due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Still there existed a presumption that the smart screens could possibly be released ahead of October. Now there is merely 9 days left to be in October, and of course, new reports had arrived mentioning Facebook introducing a couple of fresh smart displays any time next week.

The products are allegedly code-named “Portal,” as well as the bigger version is predicted to be worth $400 along with a compact screened model which will cost $300. Based on a discreet source who is aware of this Facebook program, says that the smart displays are going to highlight a wide-angle camera that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to identify the people viewed on the screen, even while they are moving around. Whenever “Portal” users need a bit of privacy, the camera is able to be clogged by a shutter in the device. Amazon’s Alexa is going to be the virtual assistant of “Portal”. It will enable owners to enjoy various functions such as news headlines, watch YouTube videos and find out song lyrics whilst streaming songs etc. Facebook personnel have already checked the “Portal” at home as well as providers have been demonstrated the device by the firm.



The only considerable question remains is that, do the people feel secure with their private information while using the device. We know that Facebook acquired VR headset manufacturer Oculus in 2014, and it additionally assisted to co-design a couple of handsets for HTC. The HTC ChaCha/Status, as well as HTC Salsa, equally included a Facebook share knob that glowed blue whenever you got material on the handset worthwhile sharing on the online community. Obviously, those handsets were a huge failure. So we have to wait and see how “Portal” is going to perform in the market.


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