Sony with Foldable smartphone patent, What you need to know…

On March 4, 2019, Sony filed their patent for foldable device with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)


Certain flaws in the company’s general approach towards the mobile market cause Sony to lose its popularity among smartphone users. Even though they have a formidable series of smartphones, It looks like they barely get the public’s attention and people began to seek other company smartphones. However, It appears like the company is not yet decided to give up on the smartphone market as some sources report that the firm has just submitted a fresh patent for a foldable handset.


I am sure it will be happy news for Sony smartphone lovers, and It is also intriguing to know the features that Sony planned for this device. Now from the patent illustrations and the specifics we were able to realize that all the prevalent smartphone sensors such as pressure sensor, acceleration sensor, and temperature sensor are loaded in the display. The company also asserts that they might also include some extra sensors like a photosensor, resistance sensor, etc. in order to find out how the person is holding the handset thereby to bestow the greatest user experience in spite of how the phone is held.



While considering the design of the device, The front and back edges would have translucent panels, so the handset itself can fold together in a curved position. Furthermore, the panel would be on the outside, In order to retain privacy, it enables the user to put a screen saver or motion picture on the panel. Even though the patent is purposefully made for foldable panels, it is also well-suited for a standard smartphone factor with panels on the front and back. The keys on the handset can be transferred to the top in order to produce extra screen space on the front and rear side of the handset.


Major Android OEMs such as Samsung had already made their debut on this foldable smartphone segment, It looks like Sony has finally preparing to embrace the new trend and realized that foldable handsets are the following phase of the mobile sector and thereby retaining or improving their stagnant customer base by keeping on providing fresh handsets. There’s hardly any info available on the release date of this foldable handset. However, We believe Sony might be planning to make this device a strong competitor for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.


You can view the patent here


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