Take a look at rendered images of forthcoming iPhone X substitute from Ulefone

Image courtesy: ulefone

When considering the price range of Apple iPhone X, some users may search for perfect substitute handset that fit your requirement of having an iPhone X. Well, now latest reports say that a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has finally developed an identical twin of iPhone X.

Numerous minor Chinese makers already have developed iPhone imitations, however, only one popular smartphone manufacturer Ulefone is reported to be developing handset labeled as Ulefone MIX 2 which embrace an all-screen style and design. Surprisingly, the firm has finally announced that they are creating brand new all-screen handset and its actual design happens to be influenced by the iPhone X.

In the midst of these development recent image leaks of the Ulefone’s upcoming handset has surfaced on the internet lately. Moreover, we have to tell you about its appearance as it looks almost similar to Apple’s iPhone X. After going through the latest rendered images we can make sure that this smartphone on the outside will appear the same as the iPhone X from Apple. Speaking of the leaked images, it reveals the front line panel and we can see find a dual front-facing camera on the upper section of the handset together with the earpiece and a selfie soft light. Comming to the bottom section we will notice home button is missing and we can only find a logo branding in the lower part of the handset.

However, it looks like the firm is not merely using the iPhone X design and style as Ulefone has additionally stated that they are going to incorporate the 3D face Verification feature as a substitute to the fingerprint sensing unit. Allegedly, a Chinese firm identified as Face++ may well supply the required technological solutions to the firm. Moreover, this news shows that the handset will probably boast a dual camera installation on the rear side too. Other than information on the style and design of the handset the details of technical specs and key features of the handset remain to be a secret.

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