See how iPhone X can make users face transparent

The app is not yet available to download...

Most of you people may already be heard about Apple’s substantial ideas for Augmented Reality(AR) as the firm has released the ARKit former this year to urge developers to create AR based applications on most recent iPhones models(iOS 11 running). Now we’re considering an application which makes use of the innovative TrueDepth camera which helps facial recognition on the Apple’s latest iPhone X.

An application developer from Japan named Kazuya Noshiro has created which seems to be an application that creates a transparent effect on people’s faces utilizing iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera technology. He has also shared a video clip on his Twitter profile which demonstrates the working of the application. The application merely hides the user’s facial part except for eyes, hair and then adjust it with the background. Although it sounds confusing, the application relies upon a very easy technique. The app simply captures an image of the background with selfie cam and then reads the face of a user. After that handset generates the graphics to use the background over the user’s face.

Without a doubt, the application managed to function quite prominently in the sample video clip with the camouflage effects flawlessly used on the programer’s face. Even so, we have only seen a short clip which is created inside a room, and wonder how it works on outdoors. After watching this video users would love to try this application on their iPhone devices, unfortunately, the app is not available to download yet. We can’t find any information regarding the release date or download source for this app from the developer’s tweet. We assume the app is currently under development phase and hope a stable version will be soon made available for iPhone X and other compatible devices.

Source twitter/noshipu

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