Security Experts spotted security glitch in WhatsApp group chats

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has integrated several amenities to their system with frequent updates to make it user-friendly and to improve the security of the application. Now a group of Security researchers from Germany claimed that they have identified some weak point in the security of WhatsApp. They asserted that this vulnerability is capable to impact the end-to-end encryption of the messaging application. The statement released by researcher group states that any individual who possesses the power over the WhatsApp services like the personnel of the firm are able to secretly add the members to any WhatsApp group.


In a normal case, only group admins are able to add the new members to non-public groups. However, the analysts have discovered that any person having command over the server can crack the verification procedure which gives them the opportunity to add new members to the private WhatsApp groups. When an uninvited member joins the group then the privacy and security of the group are going to be defective as the new person is able to reach all the messages in the group and able to see them.

Basically, whenever a new individual joins the group the present members will get notified. The application is made in such a manner that the group messages can never be sent out to any disguised user. Since the privacy and security of the people are important for WhatsApp, they gather hardly any details and all the messages are end-to-end encrypted. Even the analysts who have put forward this privacy loophole confirm the reality that the degree of refinement required to jeopardize the servers of WhatsApp can make these kinds of strikes on WhatsApp groups unlikely. Yet, this is a security issue that cannot be condoned. To stop such challenges End-to-end encryption provided by WhatsApp ought to be applied to the server grade.


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