Samsung allegedly planning to dump their S-Series naming scheme

The Galaxy S10 to be named with term “X”....

It appears like Samsung is contemplating on replacing their flourished naming system of smartphone series(‘S’) after 8 successful years. We know its hard to believe as Samsung prepping to introduce their latest smartphone series Galaxy S9 and S8 duo on this February 25th, in fact, the handset is likely to be the very last of its name if this new report is genuine. Samsung is allegedly planning to get rid of their Galaxy S numbering system in 2019, which also indicates that we will not see be a Galaxy S10, instead of it they’ll use the name, Galaxy X.


According to a report from Gizchina, sources from South Korea asserts that the Galaxy S9 will be the last we may find in the S lineup since the firm wants to use a distinct naming system to at least adapt with the modern day veracity. The reports say that the next generation of the ‘Galaxy S series’ which normally ought to be named the Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to get relabeled as ‘Galaxy X series’ from 2019. The scheme gets mandatory as the firm needs a convenient naming system to prevent the use of odd titles like S11 or S15 later on. The scheme may be a determined effort to position the firm to challenge their supreme competitor Apple who has already changed their new model name to the iPhone X.

No matter what the real inspiration behind this improvement in the naming system is, it will be important to mention that the Firm will consistently develop the Galaxy flagship handsets, and will take on a unique title if this report turns out to be accurate. For the time being, we will have to wait until the release of Galaxy S9 which is expected on February 25th, Possibly Samsung may leave out a tip on their policies for the following Galaxy handset.


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