Huawei’s Latest Patent Application Shows Mate X Moniker For A Forthcoming Device

The patent is found at EU Intellectual Property Office website...

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We recently discovered a Huawei patent on a new moniker “Mate X” in the webpage of the EU Intellectual Property Office. Based on the patent submission it is set in the group “Mobile phones – smartphones”. So there exists a couple of finest speculations, the first one is about a forthcoming high-end device, probably a far more sophisticated version of the recent Huawei premium handset the Mate 10. Another belief is that the patent is submitted simply to preserve the company from rivals who may want this title for their devices and launch identical models that could adversely affect Huawei’s reputation. Now a model with a matching term is currently available among Huawei’s device series, We are talking about the Huawei Matebook X launched in 2017, which is more than just a typical smartphone.


The Huawei Matebook X really is a Windows 10 laptop that features Intel Core i5 CPU combined with 8 GB of RAM and 256GB storage capacity on its base variant. The presence of this product provides significantly more support to the belief that Huawei has trademarked the Mate X moniker just to protect itself from rivals. Besides, we know that Apple has launched iPhone X in 2017 as a unique model for the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone, and Huawei may also intending to make an identical move by introducing a version of the Mate 10 portrayed by the letter X.At this point, it is not possible to forecast on this topic due to lack of formal information, in case we rule out the moniker. Simply to recall, Huawei will throw a conference at 2018 Mobile World Congress where they will display new laptop computers and handsets. Therefore, if Huawei Mate X truly exists, we will find out more regarding it at the biggest trade show of this year, which is going to occur 26th of February this year.

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