Leaked Image of Black Shark Gaming Device Exposes Detachable Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Recently a leaked picture has appeared on the web which displays the rear side of the Black Shark gaming handset, the gadget getting supported by Xiaomi and is intended for mobile game lovers. The leaked picture of the handset is added in this post. It exhibits several odds and ends of features regarding the product still nothing clearly exposing. The handset in the image appears to be kept in some type of case, possibly to mask the original design of the handset as it hasn’t formally been introduced yet. The phrases “Black Shark” are shown across the top of the handset with the “S” emblem in the center. Collectively the name and the “S” logo looks like the same as the name and logo observed in other leaks, such as the teaser for the Black Shark handset spotted several days ago.


It seems like the handset is going to arrive with a dual camera set up on the rear side combined with LED flash, and even though the handset appears like it has a case on it, it’s quite feasible that this is, in fact, the design of the handset itself. The picture may also be of a prototype instead of the finalized model of the handset which is going to be offered to customers.This is doubtlessly the initial leak that demonstrates the product clearly, as earlier leaks which surfaced online in the last week were perceived as to be bogus, displaying a device with a big screen and gamepads like borders that would hold thumbsticks, control keys, and a d-pad. A standard drawing of the handset spotted as well within the past week which displays the basic layout of the phone’s design, providing a notion at the feasible design of the handset. It’s furthermore appeared on benchmark tests and is expected to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, that makes sense given this is handset which is going to be presented to mobile gamers. The release of the handset is predicted to occur on April 13 of this week.

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