OnePlus 6 backside is entirely exposed by a case manufacturer

Several highlight specs of the OnePlus 6 are already teased in past few weeks. Still, OnePlus doesn’t reveal any details regarding the backside design of the handset. However, very first guesses believed that the OnePlus 6 would resemble the OPPO R15, which implies that merely the front part is going to be identical. In case you are desperate to know exactly how the backside will appear like, you definitely may need to check out these pictures from case manufacturer Olixar. The cases exhibit the OnePlus 6′ backside along with the front part of the device.


Case manufacturers normally receive the measurements of a handset depending on CAD files before launch and so they can start creating add-ons. Therefore it is reasonable to state that the OnePlus 6 may well resemble precisely what is in the renders. The cases are available in various designs depending on user taste. You can find the plain gel case, a leather flip case, an armored case, and a snap-on case. Furthermore, Olixar is offering a package with a glass screen guard which has a cut-out for the notch. Clearly, the backside cameras are organized vertically and located in the center of the handset. They show a sole housing and under the camera is the LED flash along with a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader is designed like a capsule which is not bigger than the circular one we’ve seen on the OnePlus 5T. Additionally, the case verifies that the Alert Slider is repositioned to the right side just above the power key, while the volume buttons are positioned on the left edge of the handset.

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