Second Smartphone Patent from ZTE with Two Display Notches

China-based company ZTE has submitted a fresh patent for their handset design which boasts multiple screen notches. The patent was submitted on September 13, 2017 with China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), suggesting that ZTE is actually contemplating on this kind of a cutout based model for quite a while now, together with other Android handset manufacturers like Samsung, who already submitted a couple of patent with one amongst them a handset with an identical design cue in March with SIPO. Like mentioned in the patent, ZTE’s design contains two notches, one near the top of the screen and a second one at the bottom part. we can clearly observe it in the impression that cames along with the patent. While taking a closer look at the bottom notch we can see that the bottom cutout contains a home button in place of a speaker sort of the one observed on the lately exposed ZTE Iceberg design.


The International Forum Design has released the images of ZTE Iceberg several weeks ago. As outlined by ZTE, the firm anticipates that it would require two years to commercialize the device. According to those supplies, the ZTE Iceberg makes use of a glass sandwich design intended to design the device like an ice fragment to ensure that all of its four corners are translucent. The top-notch of the device includes an earpiece, proximity sensor, and a selfie cam, whereas the bottom notch cutout holds a speaker, contrary to the new patented model. If ZTE does get successful commercializing the handset, it isn’t anticipated to launch it until mid-2019. But, the company has to deal with the recent sanctions imposed by the United States government, as the firm will get a ban on acquiring as well as licensing American items like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and Google’s Android Operating System for the following seven years.

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