Android Oreo Based Test Firmware of Honor 8 Leaked, Probably the Upgrade On The Way

Several months back, Honor announced that Honor 8 is not going to receive Android Oreo because of “hardware limitations”. However, after considering the responses from the supporters and users who were left unhappy with this statement, it looks like the firm has made a change to the plan. A fresh Honor 8 firmware has actually leaked on XDA Developers which is built around the latest Android version Oreo. This indicates that the firm could possibly be assessing the newest version of the Android OS with the intention to release the ultimate upgrade straight away. The Android Oreo firmware is modified with the EMUI 8.0 similar to other Huawei as well as Honor devices operating on Oreo. A small chunk of code along with a reference point to Project Treble which shows that the handset may, in fact, assist Google’s Project Treble when it will be upgraded to the latest Oreo.


For those who don’t grasp, with the help of Project Treble, the OS will get split into two frameworks: one consists of the main OS and a second one comprises all the firm’s personalization. Owing to this section, it is going to be more convenient for Huawei to launch quick and regular upgrades. Moreover, some reports also claim that Honor handsets won’t receive a good long lasting support, therefore we are unaware of how much Project Treble is going to be beneficial after Honor 8 upgraded to Android Oreo. You should keep in mind that the leaked firmware is a trial variant of the Chinese firmware of Android Oreo, and also most of the above-described characteristics will not regard the worldwide version, perhaps for now. Currently, we do not possess any kind of details regarding the final release date of the worldwide Android Oreo upgrade. However, now the probabilities to witness the newest Android version of the Honor 8 in the international market are extremely high.

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