2018 iPhone SE, Leaked Images of the Case Suggest a Bigger Camera lens on the Rear

Based on numerous fresh pictures put up by smartphone accessories maker Olixar and seller Mobile Fun, forthcoming Apple iPhone SE 2018 might include an edge-to-edge screen, a display notch, and also Facial recognition system. Since the first era model of the handset launched in 2016 enjoyed a retro appearance dating back to the Apple iPhone 5s, this certainly is something to be considered. The major concern is whether or not the upcoming iPhone SE will indeed resemble these leaked pictures. Although the images revealed were from Olimar’s display screen guard, the firm’s initial set of protective case for the 2018 model iPhone SE has currently been uploaded on Mobile Fun’s website. This protective case is valued at  8.23 US Dollars each, which is offered in various colors like Blue, Purple, Solid Gloss Black and in Transparent form.


If your interested in purchasing this case, It is currently accessible for pre-order from Mobile Fun website. However, the most crucial point is that the images that come along with the detailing clearly shows the rear side of the handset and exposes its bigger(when compared to its earlier model) solitary camera on the rear, and the LED flashlight. The iPhone SE 2018 model is considered to feature a glassy rear panel, so if you’re planning to buy this handset it is worthy of having a case to secure it. This new Apple iPhone SE could the most inexpensive handset that Apple launches in 2018 which aims for markets like India. India is considered as the second leading handset market on the globe, still, a minimal per-capita income leaves buyers in the nation super-sensitive to the price tag. To be the part of “Make in India” program Apple had been developing several iPhone SE units in India and latest reports say that Apple is going to keep on this with the 2018 iPhone SE.

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