New PUBG Mobile upgrade with Miramar Map, progress missions and much more

PUBG Mobile has merely gained a fresh upgrade which offers gamers use of a whole new Miramar Map prior to Xbox models. The latest upgrade is identified v0.5.0 which is offered on both the Android as well as iOS devices. The statement presented by creators through Twitter is quite on point with regards to exactly what has been included in the upgrade. Hardly any other information has been brought up, still, an experienced gamer would have no doubt on what to anticipate as the developers have teased several of the fresh specifications presented now in earlier times.


In addition to the Miramar Map, upgrade 0.5.0 will start Season 2 of the game and offers progress missions, secret stash, local quick teams, as well as region system. Albeit the people behind PUBG Mobile publicized the upgrade today, its delivery relies on the location, therefore possibly everybody might not get it concurrently. Nevertheless, as said before, Android, as well as iOS gamers, are going to receive the fresh map before Xbox One users, so that’s a huge advantage.

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