OnePlus 7 Pro to receive extra three rear camera modes on forthcoming updates

Zake Zhang, Image Product Manager of OnePlus revealed it on an interview...


It seems like OnePlus is paying more attention to the camera aspect of their smartphones these days, OnePlus 7 Pro is among those devices which have undergone this camera treatment. As a result, we got triple-camera setup on rear consists of a 48MP main camera, an 8MP telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom, 16MP Ultra-wide sensor and not to mention the 16MP pop-up selfie camera on this smartphone.


Now some folks at GSMarena has made a short interview with Zake Zhang, Manager of Image Product department at OnePlus. On this chat session, he shared some intriguing information about One Plus 7 pro, like how it cropped up, the functioning of the technology implemented in the device, challenges the team confronted, how they managed to overcome it, etc. During the session, he also mentioned about the upcoming updates for OnePlus 7 Pro, which includes some serious enhancements for camera specs.


Zhang asserted that the OnePlus 7 Pro is the first handset in which they began implementing the finest hardware available and then improve its ability with the software whilst bettering it with future updates. They forced to dispatch OnePlus 7 Pro without video recording option on the device’s Ultra-wide and telephoto sensors because of the limited resources and shortage of staffs on his team. To level this deficiency an upcoming update is anticipated to carry these features to those two sensors on the OnePlus 7 Pro.



Additionally another function namely Nightscape mode, which is now applied for 48MP primary sensor only, allegedly will make its way to the two more cameras as well through the software update. This function enables users to capture clear pictures in dim and low-light environments. In handheld mode, Nightscape yields pictures by merging multiple pictures taken with (2 to 3 seconds) exposure time. Furthermore, there also is a tripod mode in which exposure times can be prolonged to 40 seconds. Tripod mode will be automatically triggered when the handset recognizes that it is firm and stable.


Zhang also made clear that his squad is to blame for the series of camera-related updates for the OnePlus 7 Pro that came after the release of the handset. “Certain aspects was forced be held back at release and distributed later due to the limited resources” he added. No date or time period was specified during this conversation, so we have to wait around for the next update and see what else it got.




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